Creepy Chronicles episode 1-01 "Pod Snatchers!" What's going on in this small town? Something is taking over the people one by one. Who can stop it? Only one Doctor may have the key.

Written and Directed by: Josh Hodgins  Produced by: Nancy Criss, Sherri Carlson, Josh Hodgins. Director of Photography Chris Bond. Music by Daniel Pace.

Starring: Vanessa Leigh, Richard Anderson, Mara Hernandez, Jarom Smith, and Craig Hensley.


Starring: Michael Madsen, James Hong, James Nasimi, Dante, Chyna McCoy, and Vanessa Leigh. Written by James Nasimi. Directed by Josh Hodgins and Dante. Copyright Jh Productions LLC and Golden Artists Entertainment 2017.

Inclusion Criteria

Starring: Judy Norton, Lauri Hendler, Marlene Hamerling, Ra Hanna, Richard Anderson, Jewelle Colwell, and Vanessa Leigh. Written by Judy Norton. Directed by Josh Hodgins. Copyright Jh Productions LLC 2017

The Tommy Movie

Starring: Aaron Bennett, Christopher Waun, Mara Hernandez, Chase Christensen, Kyle Wilson, Sabrina Groenig, Illiana Hodgins, Vanessa Leigh, and Josh Hodgins. Written and Directed by Josh Hodgins. Copyright Jh Productions LLC 2016

White Roses

Starring: Chase Christensen, Christopher Waun, Sabrina Groenig, Jeff Richardson, Jesse Petersen, and introducing Mara Hernandez. Written and Directed by Josh Hodgins. Copyright Jh Productions LLC 2013


Starring: Josh Hodgins, Ashton Leigh, Bryan McGlothin, and introducing Jez'Reel Venegas. Written by Josh Hodgins, Aaron Boltz. Directed by Aaron Boltz. Copyright Jh Productions LLC 2012.

Jackson Horn

Starring: Josh Hodgins, Stephanie Lomenick, Noelle Atwood, Jennifer Russell, Chase Christensen, Christopher Waun, Bryan McGlothin, Gretchen Paukert. Written by Josh Hodgins. Directed by Kevin J. Foxe. Copyright Jh Productions LLC 2011.