Award Winning. Driven. Professional.

Jh Productions LLC is a multiple award winning production company based in the Pacific Northwest.

Founded in 1997, Jh has produced television independently for FOX, Travel Channel, ABC, NBC, CBS, ESPN, Nascar Northwest, CNN, and the Pursuit Channel.

Our films have had theatrical release, and worldwide DVD and Streaming release. Including releases through Lionsgate, Universal, Amazon, and Netflix.

Jh works with several other independent production companies. Our partners include: Nandar Entertainment, Intrepid Films, Red Winter Films, Precipice Entertainment, DeWatt Studios, Big Lux films, and many more.

We are a story driven company. Our group of talented filmmakers will do anything to make a vibrant story come to life. No topic is off limits, and we pride ourselves in challenging the viewers.

Josh Hodgins - President 

Josh began his career in 1997 with the sketch comedy show "The Josh Hodgins Show." That show would net Hodgins the "Best of the Northwest" award for best comedy from the Alliance for Community Media in Ashland, OR.

In 2005, Hodgins created "Jackson Horn" and ran the drama through first run syndication on FOX affiliates all around the Country. The show would receive multiple awards including "Best Drama" from the RAD Media Film Festival. In 2011 the show ended with a two hour movie which launched Hodgins into the feature film platform.

Hodgins Wrote and Produced "Contrition" which was distributed through R2 Media in 2012, then he Wrote, Produced, and Directed "White Roses" in 2013, "Shooting Star" in 2014. Hodgins would also co-direct "The Sparrows" with Nancy Criss in 2014 and produce "The Devil's Dolls" which was distributed by IFC Midnight in 2015.

2016 would bring the original film "The Tommy Movie." Hodgins wrote, produced, directed, and starred in the film which was picked up by Nandar Home Entertainment. In 2017, Hodgins directed "Inclusion Criteria" starring Judy Norton, and he is currently developing the TV Series "Fire and Ice" with Tank Jones and Nancy Criss.