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Welcome to the home of the JH Productions film family.


JH Productions has just signed on to produce the Western "Untamed Justice" from writer Kenny Lee. The film will be Directed by Josh Hodgins, and Produced by Aaron Boltz, and our newest family members over at Damascus Road Productions, Ryan O'Quinn, and Taylor Cole.


The incredibly intense horror film from JH Productions is currently in post-production. Written by: Josh Hodgins, Vanessa Leigh, and Laura Stahl. Produced by Ryan O'quinn, Taylor Cole, and Nancy Criss. Starring: Vanessa Leigh, David Thomas Jenkins, Aaron Bennett, Chandra Bond, Brianna Heller, Nicole Criss, Taylor Cole, Ryan O'quinn, and Christopher Atkins.


Our thrilling drama starring Judy Norton is set to release next month on all major platforms. Details to come for the Los Angeles Premiere soon.