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Unfallen is on Amazon and DVD now!.

The war movie was shot in Washington State, Los Angeles, CA, and Tujikistan.

Directed by: Josh Hodgins and Dante

Starring: James Nasimi, Michael Madsen, James Hong, Chyna McCoy and Vanessa Leigh.

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"One Remains"

A horror story. Based on real life events, "One Remains" follows a group of documentarians who wind up caught in a battle for survival. How will they get out? Who is behind this? How deep does the rabbit hole go?

Written and Directed by: Josh Hodgins  Produced by: Nancy Criss, Ryan O'Quinn, Aaron Boltz. Director of Photography Chris Bond.

Gearing up for "Fire and Ice"

The original comedy series created by Josh Hodgins, and produced by Tank Jones and Nancy Criss will go into production very soon. The show, a blacksploitation/80's cop show mix takes on all with it's brand of unique comedy. Nothing is safe with this show! Written and Directed by Josh Hodgins. Starring Tank Jones. (more names to follow soon!)

"Creepy Chronicles"

Vol. 1 of Season 1 is about to release on Amazon. Check out all of these amazing stories, and see if we can creep you out a bit!

Post Production:

"Of Rugs and Men"

Written by Matt Walker.

Starring: Matt O'Keefe, Josh Hodgins, Chandra Bond, and Mara Hernandez. Directed by Matt Walker.

Director of photography Chris Bond.

A funny re-telling of the classic "Of MIce and Men."

Bayne: Legacy Apocalypse

Written by Chyna McCoy. Directed by Josh Hodgins. Executive Producer Carlos De La Fuente. Produced by Jh Productions LLC. Starring: Chyna McCoy, Matthew D. Hunt, Carlos DeLaFuente, Vanessa Leigh, Chase Christensen, Aaron Bennett, and Robert Parham.

"Light Myself On Fire" by Janelle Arthur

The original music video for Janelle is almost done with post and will debut soon!!

DVD Distro updates:

The Tommy Movie

If you are in the Yakima Valley, go to "Off The Record" to pick up your copy of the film today! The Tommy Movie is also available at most major retail outlets, but we encourage you to buy local!


Production Updates:

Film Updates:

Inclusion Criteria

The film is now final and will be released soon. More details to come.

Starring: Judy Norton, Lauri Hendler, Ra Hanna, Richard Anderson, Vanessa Leigh, and Jewelle Colwell.

Written by: Judy Norton

Directed by: Josh Hodgins

Post Production Updates:

Wine Country Crushing

A documentary on the long road of creating the "Wine Country Crushers" roller derby team in Yakima, WA. Directed by Josh Hodgins, written by Julie Stern.